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Mystic Forms of Quebec Fairy Stones

Fairy stones are magical concretions of whimsical shapes that came into form through a swirling of earth elements and the dance of mystical fae folk.  The faeries are playfully creative as you can see from the wondrous forms they co-created with Gaia.  They may not sparkle outwardly like other fairy stones, but they have an inner sparkle – one that can’t be seen but can certainly be felt.  They are filled with fairy dust.

The fairy stones we have at Song of Stones have been hand harvested with care and respect by a lovely couple in Quebec, Canada.  This husband and wife team may or may not realize that they were chosen by the faeries to deliver their magical notes through the shapes and markings of these fun stones. They have left them in their natural state with a layer of fairy dust that have a unique scent. You may wash or brush off this dust if you wish – but I think it adds to their magic.

Some of the Fairy Stones will have a form that resembles a labyrinth. By following the paths on the surface with your finger, you may journey with them into the depths of your inner world, accessing secret spaces of your heart and spirit.

I recently discovered a secret about these mystical stone beings. Many of the fairy stones (if not all) are imprinted with messages that can appear and disappear as “they” like it.  You can if you wish coax that message out by wetting the stone a little with a drop or two of water with your finger to see what will emerge.

These are not the only stones which hold messages for us on their surface.  Special stones such as these have revealed themselves to me to be of a special order of stone being called Scribal Stones. These are stones which are visibly imprinted with letters, numbers, symbols or other such markings holding a message.  When you connect deeply with a Scribal Stone, you will see the glyphs change as your message is written or rewritten before your eyes.

The Fairy Stones invite you to pair them with a a fairy crystal wand or a duet of singing laser wands to stir their message for you to the surface of the stone. You might also try coaxing it out with the tone of a crystal chime or simply softly asking for their message to be revealed. Listen close and you may hear the sweet giggles of the fae, like I’m hearing now. You might find yourself giggling too. That’s what often happens when fairies reveal themselves through crystals.