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Light Guides

This blog is dedicated to a sweet friend whose special gifts inspired its creation.

We are at the center of a magical age.  It is a time of the rising of the feminine energy.  And this does not have anything to do with being a woman or a man.  This rise we are speaking of is about the feminine energy in all of us.  However, women in particular are feeling it more powerfully.  We are stepping out of an age of masculine dominion (again we’re speaking of the energy here) and into one where the feminine presence is more harmoniously balanced.  Woman is feeling a deepening of her feminine qualities – a sharpening of her feminine senses.

For those of us who are already quite sensitive, it means that we may be experiencing the emerging sensations that woman are feeling, in a more powerful way.  We may be picking up on things that others are not yet sensing.  We may be sensing the ethereal energies in a way others are not.  We may be seeing things that others don’t see.  We may be hearing things that others are not hearing.  We may know things that seem impossible to know.  Our dreams are becoming more powerful and possibly more prophetic.  While this can be a wondrous and magical experience, it can be quite overwhelming.  Especially when we have no reference for what we’re experiencing and there may not be anyone in our lives who quite gets what we’re going through.

The first thing I want to say is that you’re not alone.  There are others of us out there.  There are many.  It’s just that we’re not talking about what we’re going through.  We haven’t found a safe space to speak about it – or it hasn’t been time.  But such a space is coming and such a time is NOW.

In the meantime, there are some things you can do to ease the fears and calm the overwhelm.

  • Trust that you are not alone.  You have not been given these gifts and then been abandoned.  You are surrounded by support even if you are not yet aware of it.


  • Trust yourself more than ever.  Trust that the messages you are receiving are true and real.  Trust your whims and impulses no matter how illogical they are.  Allow yourself to begin to recognize your Soul’s guidance.


  • Surround yourself with harmonious energies – the purest of materials will most times be the gentlest on your body, mind and spirit – but if your Soul guides you to synthetics over organics, trust that too.


  • Create a sacred space for yourself that you designate as your sanctuary when you are feeling overcome by a myriad of energies.  It need not be elaborate.  It could be as simple as a small spot – a chair with a special pillow and throw – that you have personally chosen for your peaceful place.  Do not be afraid to claim it as your very own and let others know that this is your special space.  Your declaration may be inspiration for others to create their own sanctuary.


  • Honour your body and what you put into it.  Just as you trust yourself, trust your body.  It will guide you to what it needs most – to what is best for you.  This takes a conscious choice and it can require quite a lot of energy – especially at first, as you’re beginning to shift out of old patterns.


  • Release your expectations about others understanding you.  Many will not.  It doesn’t mean they will not come to understand or that they won’t accept you.  You don’t have to share everything about yourself with everyone.  You will know who to trust with your sacred transformation.


  • Begin to live your life as if you are the special, powerful Soul that you are.  You must honour yourself and the gifts you have been given.  They are special; as are you. There is purpose to the magic you are being shown – even if it has not yet been revealed to you.

I know that you want someone to tell you that what you’re feeling is real and you are not crazy.  That much I can do for you right now – right here.  I know too that you are searching for someone who understands what’s happening to you so that they can explain it to you.  I can help you with that to – but not in the way that you might be wanting.

You will not find the answers you are seeking from others outside yourself.  What’s happening is an inner process.  It is a sacred, magical, wondrous metamorphosis that is happening outside of the parameters of the physical construct – so you won’t find explanations or instructions in physical form.  There may be physical guides who can offer techniques or physical remedies that can ease the transition as you remember how to hear (listen to) your inner guidance,  You can begin with that, but at one point, you will have to cut all the strings that tether you to outside influences and distractions and walk out into this world under your own sovereignty.   That’s when you’ll finally get the answers you’re seeking.


This month’s blog may not specifically be about crystals but as I’m writing this, their energy is shining through to remind us that they can help us through this transition into …

“light guide”

That’s what they’re calling us.  Light Guides.  They say that our gifts are rising to the surface at this time because they are being called for … it’s as if they are being pulled by some universal force – like 2 magnets attracting each other.  It’s a natural evolutionary process that has been stimulated by an encoded sequence that has now been activated.

The stone beings say:

“You are amongst the first.

The light of your souls will be guides for those that follow.

You are light guides.”

The stones have been sending me messages in unexpected ways lately.  They are being more vocal – they’re getting LOUDER.  I don’t know if it’s that I’m hearing them more clearly or they have more to say at this time.  It seems that they have been purposefully connecting at specific times, outside the “usual” ways I hear their songs, to reveal their messages to my heart … like with this blog entry.  They are also sharing their messages in new ways, like Ruby’s song about money, “From Rags to Riches” which came through as ebook.

I expect this is just the beginning.

lots of love   :  )