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I got angry when I discovered why these crystals were called Witches Fingers


Within the mineral kingdom, there is a very magical stone being which is of a beautifully balanced harmony of several crystalline elements. These crystals are a rare combination of Smoky Quartz with Rutile and sprinkled with Micas, Muscovite/Zinnwaldite, Magnetite, Sphalerite, Hematite and/or Actinolite. They are not what some would consider “beautiful”. They are said to resemble the ugly gnarled fingers associated with witches and that is why they were given the name … “Witches Fingers” (or Witch’s Fingers).

I got angry when I heard this. I don’t object to their name. Actually I find their name to be part of their charm. What held a charge for me was the reason for their name. Maybe we have Shakespeare or the Brothers Grimm to blame for the horrific interpretation of witches but that depiction of the old, ugly, dark, disfigured female garbed in black has stuck with us. Sure there have been other portrayals since like in the “Good Witch”, “Charmed” and I think my favourite … “Wicked” which sets us straight about our prejudices. However it doesn’t seem to have erased from our beliefs, the image of a witch as a scary and malevolent figure.

We’re a society that values clarity and flawlessness in our jewels as well as our people. The clearer and more flawless it is, the higher it’s value to us. These crystals come forth to show us how to see the beauty and the value not only in that which is flawed, but in the very flaws themselves. For most of us, prejudices and conflicts arise out of our need for everything to fit into the parameters we set for how we should look and act. That applies on a personal and a global level. Everything has purpose and value and it is when we see this – and perhaps even ONLY when we see this – that we can hope to live a more harmonious existence.

Well the Witches Fingers with their bold and vivid naturalness show us that beauty is beyond the judgements and expectations set by fear and prejudice. They help us to let go of our preconceived notions and see the beauty outside the box of our limited parameters. They might even get us contemplating whether what we sometimes consider beautiful is indeed the very opposite. I actually think that is part of their gift – revealing the dichotomies of life and shocking us with unexpected truths/realities. (I have had firsthand experience with this aspect of their nature recently as the witches fingers shared a shocking insight about opening the heart. It happened through a Star Song, which I am co-creating once more and inviting you to join.)

These precious ones are referred to and may be seen as “ugly” by some – those who named them certainly thought so. When I look at these ancient wise ones I see mystery, harmony and magic. I happen to think that is very beautiful, but I do understand the automatic repulsion to things that we’ve been conditioned to see as ugly. That’s just part of the nature of humankind. Thankfully these crystals don’t judge us as we do them … they just lovingly offer us their gifts without condition.