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Crystal Messengers


The Universe is always talking to you. It communicates to you in many different ways and through many different mediums … but know this … it is ALWAYS sending you messages. You are always receiving signs and symbols to help you to understand. They are there but you have to be listening for them. You have to open your eyes to them. You have to be aware of them. Once you open to even the slightest possibility of such messages, you will see them everywhere.

The beauty of the stone beings is that they are perfect reflectors for these universal messages. They are so pure and clear and open that the messages are easily illuminated in their presence. They creatively mirror these messages in the way that you are most likely to “get them”. The crystalline ones are really wonderful guides to connect with when you want to re-learn to hear the songs of the Universe. I say re-learn because unspoken communication is an innate ability that we all have.


Some time ago I was moved to gather together some crystals who had volunteered to offer their energy for crystal readings. Much like a crystal oracle deck – but with the crystals themselves rather than pictures in a deck. They stayed quietly together until just now as they let me know that they are ready to begin. It may be that they were waiting for me to be ready. Either way now we (the messenger crystals – and myself) are to begin offering readings with these crystal messengers.


I felt crow’s presence at the time I was receiving the message from the messenger crystals about doing readings. It doesn’t surprise me – Crow is a master at communication. I sense that she will be nearby whenever the crystal messengers are singing for someone. Crow has always been one of my animal guides – and her messages often circle around communication. I connected with her recently in her physical form during a trip to the west coast and we shared a very powerful moment.

I’m mentioning this here to illustrate that messengers come in many forms. Also they may not come alone. In this case, Crow comes in harmony with the messenger crystals to speak to me. With the Star Songs, it’s the Angelic Guides who come in concert with colour or crystals to co-create ethereal elixirs. The key is to be open and leave expectations aside. But don’t misunderstand – it doesn’t matter to them. They come forth in loving guidance when they are called and when they are sent. Whether you are aware of them or not (and whether you are aware of who they are), doesn’t affect or alter their vibrational gift. What will make a difference is that when you are open to the presence of your guides – you are likely to be more open to the messages they bring you.

The first crystal reading came through as a gift for you.  Three beautiful crystals were singing a song of understanding the truth about your fears.  They were a raw Prehnite crystal, an Angelite stone and a raw green/blue Calcite stone.

crystalreading001 - 3pix

Their message will give you an idea of what you might expect from a crystal reading.  I will be giving away 3 crystal readings as a gift over the next 3 months.  Details will be announced in the Song of Stones newsletters and on facebook.  I invite you to sign up for the newsletter and like my FB page if you want to be sure to receive updates about the giveaway.

It is our hope that you found a gift in the first reading from the crystal messengers.

May you live in love.