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Crossroads for Humanity

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A very special group of crystals came forward last month singing a song about the crossroads in relationships. They were the inspiration for last month’s blog and the co-creation of a special Star Song. As powerful as their song was, I would soon discover that there was more to it. Their song was about far more than personal relationships. It was about our relationship to and with the Universe.

Everything in this physical reality is about relationships. As soon as we have an existence based in duality, we have relationships. In ONENESS there is NO RELATIONSHIP. Relationship comes with the creation of SPACE/TIME. The very word RELATIONSHIP means:  “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected; a thing’s effect on or relevance to another”.

Our whole lives are filled with relationships. Beginning with our relationship with our parents and expanding into that with our siblings, friends, teachers, and so on. There is the inner relationship – the one we have with our selves – because in this dual existence, even the single person is separated. And, of course, there is our relationship with G-d/the Universe. Do we relate to the world as a creation of an omniscient being or is it a random conglomeration of physical elements? We can even be said to have relationships with possessions (material things). Everything we do is in relation to something else. Everywhere we find ourselves to be is in relation to somewhere else.

Now as we expand our consciousness and understand the deeper levels of reality, ALL of our relationships are affected; because how we perceive our reality directly affects our experience of it.

We’ve been feeling this. All of humanity is feeling this at some level. But the uber sensitive ones – those of us who feel EVERYTHING – are feeling this more intensely. So much so that it could literally knock us off our feet. With the Winter Solstice (and new calendar year) approaching, those effects may mistakenly be attributed to be the time of year, especially with the added busy-ness and stresses of the holiday season. This is after all a time when our relationships get put to the test. But I think what we are sensing and feeling, especially the more sensitive of us, is much grander than that. I think that the energy we’re all feeling is beyond what comes with a new year. I believe that what we’re feeling is the rising level of consciousness which is creating a new landscape for our world. This blanketing energy has changed our topography and created new terrain for us to begin to “cross over”.

(The image I received for this was a blanket of snow descending on a city)snowcover2

Our relationships are changing … and yes we’re feeling it on a personal level – the relationships we have with our friends, family, co-workers, and so forth. But there is a grander one that is shifting. That is the RELATIONSHIP of humankind with our current version of reality. We’re about to take it to a whole new level and ALL OF US are feeling it on one level or another – whether we are aware of it or not.

(If you’re one of the sensitive ones feeling the overwhelm of these descending energies, the Crossroads Star Song is available as a source of a support for a short time and of course the stone beings can be very helpful in keeping you grounded while acclimating to the new energy patterns.)