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The topic of creativity has been coming up quite a bit of late.  It’s quite a topic.  So many hold much fear about it.  Generally people don’t see themselves as being creative or possessing the skill or talent to do creative things.  You might be surprised that some of the most whimsical and creative people feel that way about themselves.  They may not see their unique creative ability as being valuable to others.  They have high expectations of themselves and believe if they are unable to capture their subject with exact precision and perfect proportion, they cannot create something beautiful.  What they may not understand is that the purpose of creating an artistic piece, is more about expression than technique.  It’s about “capturing the essence of” what you want to express.  If you can do that – then you understand artistry.

When you’re trying to show skill, it becomes about competition and that opens you up to judgement – mostly from yourself.  When you’re opening up your heart and showing, in your piece, what you’re feeling and what you’re seeing, then it’s about expression and that is true artistry.  Then it doesn’t matter what kind of paper you use, what materials you use, because nothing blocks true creative expression.  That’s why some people can take garbage – literal garbage – and make art, while others can take the highest grade of paper and paints and the most exclusive and expensive brushes and not be able to move people in the same way that the garbage did.  Someone can draw or paint something with exact precision and perfect proportion and fail to capture the depth and truth of the subject.  It’s not about perfection .. it’s about expression.  And in that sense ALL of us have something to offer.  I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t have SOMETHING TO SAY.

A dear friend, Deborah from the Metaphysical Realm 1, offered a very special gift that allows me to show you what I mean.   Deborah is a deeply intuitive woman who shares a love and respect of the stone beings with me.  She was telling me about an experience she had where the “old ones” came to her in a vision.  She saw them very clearly and wanted to be able to express this vision on paper.  As she described her drawing she told me that she used crayons and that the picture was child-like but she was able to capture the essence of the Old Ones and that was her purpose.  When I saw the picture I was blown away.  She TRULY captured their essence and their energy in her “child like” drawing.  Her drawings inspired me to talk about creativity and expression in this month’s blog and Deborah was kind enough to allow me to share her very special drawings with you.

Here are the drawings and her description of them in her own words: 

“First of all, “Old Ones” is my friend L’s, name for them, and I think it applies beautifully.  They are beyond time and they are time itself in a way.  They are not human, but they are wonderful beings who take care of our earth!  The Old Ones are not just the guardians of the earth but they help to keep it in balance as well.  I started actually doing earth work about a year ago, right after I moved to Sedona.  Too many of the Old Ones are sleeping, often put to sleep by well meaning humans, and they have not been able to do their jobs.  I have woken some of them up so that they can better bring the earth into balance.  Mother Earth needs their help.  I had done the earth work in four places before I actually saw a pair of Old Ones in my mind’s eye.  That was in Denver.  When I got home to Sedona, a few of them showed themselves to me, but the “female” I drew was in the forefront; the one with the big smile.”                                                                                             —— Deborah

So you see … it’s not about having the perfect materials or the technical skills to replicate your subject with precision.  It’s about pure, honest, “child-like” expression.  It’s about sharing that expression from a space of deep love from the heart rather than the precise calculable part of the mind.  That’s where true art comes from.  So you see … you are an artist … ALREADY.

The crystals can be a great source of support in trusting yourself and reaching deep into that creative space within.  Of course there are crystals that come to mind that are “said” to be just for such purpose … like carnelian, picasso stone, basalt and manifestation quartz to name a few; however, and I may sound like a broken record, but the crystal that you are most drawn to at the time will be the one that will be best.  If you want a crystal to guide and support you in something specific – a special creative expression – then hold that desire in your heart and open up to connecting with the perfect stone being for that project.  Then allow yourself to be guided to that stone.  The one that calls to you – that draws you to it – that sparkles a little more than the rest … that is the perfect one.   And remember creative expression can come forth in many ways besides drawing and painting.  Creative expression can show up in writing, cooking, decorating, yes … but also in business, and teaching and parenting.  There is not one aspect of your life that can’t be infused with your signature creative flair.

Now … SHOW YOURSELF to the world in that way only you can do.  No really … try it … in whatever way you’re inspired to do.  Take a crystal friend with you and make a doodle, cook a meal guided only by your muse, reorganize a room on a whim and with your whimsy, make a sand castle or a snowman (depending on where you live).  Play with your inner child and have fun doing it.  When I said show yourself to the world, it could just be for your eyes only.  No other need see this part of you if you’re not ready to show it to them – though I imagine they will think it is very beautiful.  Remember you are ALREADY AN ARTIST.