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Wall of Stones

Here you will find images of natural crystals and stones that have graced us with their presence and their presents at one time.  If you feel a connection to one of these stones, it is possible to connect with their gifts without the need to have them in your hands.  Trust your connection and know that there is no distance.

Currently on the wall (from left to right):

Row 1:  Roughly Faceted Magdalena Opal; Metamorphosis Quartz with an Angelic presence; Polished Quartz Crystal with a mermaid hovering over an inner phantom.

Row 2:  Polished Carnelian with a Butterfly shape; Dream Quartz Crystal; Brandburg Amethyst Crystal.

Row 3:  Very rare Yellow Actinolite included Quartz crystal in its natural form; Very rare Golden Enhydro Crystal; Amethyst Elestial Butterfly.

Row 4:  Naturally formed rosey Rhodochrosite crystal; Polished Afghanistan Lapis Lazuli stone; polished Labradorite stone.

Row 5:  Super Seven/Sacred Seven/Melody Stone in rare formation - HUGGING - holding another Crystal - a baby; Fairy Godmother within a raw Metamorphosis Quartz stone; Golden Yellow Fluorite crystal cluster.

Row 6:  Fairy filled Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal; another Fairy - this time in a Metamorphosis Quartz tumbled stone; Oregon Opal.

Row 7:  Top Quality Aquamarine natural stone; Azurite Crystal; Grand Formation Lightning Struck Quartz Crystal from Brazil with dancing Fairy.

dream quartz
golden opal

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