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Song of Stones is a gathering place for rare, unique, natural crystals and stones from around the world.  Ancient Earth energy in beautiful forms that we can hold in the palms of our hands.  Within the memories of the stones are ancient secrets and stories, crystalized.  These timeless earth elders carry within their essence, the songs of the ages.  We listen to these songs and share them with an open heart and with love and gratitude.

We are meant to be in "touch" with our Mother Earth, literally.  When we don't have that connection, we feel stressed, overwhelmed, and disconnected.  Reconnect with the Earth. Touch a stone.  It can be a raw organic shaped simple stone or a bright clear gracefully symmetrical crystal.  Any stone can reconnect you ... the best ones will be the ones you are most drawn to.

Connect with the pure, gentle, powerfully transformational energies of our Earth in beautiful and harmonious crystal forms.

hold a crystal

Smadar is co-creator of, a place to find crystals, stones, transformational tools and lots of information on the magic of the Stone Beings.  Through a deep connection, these crystalline guardians guided her in the art of listening to their "songs", for the messages they have for us.  She shares many of those songs on her website and offers the service of listening to the stone being of your choice for a personal message just for you.

Song of Stones is located in Canada
We work with the stones 24/7 but our office hours are:

Monday to Friday 11:am to 3:00pm EST

If you are wanting to contact us, we answer ALL messages within 48 hours.  If you have not heard from us, we probably did not receive your message.  Please try again.

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