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Crystals are living, conscious beings (as are all beings).  If we hold this awareness, or are open to the possibility, and treat them as such, then our experience with them will reflect that.  If we regard them as tools, then that too will be reflected in our experience with them.  There is no judgement either way ... they are both simply different beliefs resulting in different experiences. 

Some are of the belief that crystals can absorb and retain vibrations from strong emotions or thought patterns.  I am including the information on clearing and charging the crystals here for those who will find this helpful. 

You may wish to cleanse them when you first receive them and then periodically, as needed.  Following are some of my favorite methods.  You should choose the method that most appeals to you.  As with anything in life, I believe that you get the best results when you follow your instinct.

WATER: Crystals can be cleansed by running them under cool tap or distilled water (hot water can damage your crystals), or a natural water source like a stream, lake or an ocean.  Some crystals are water soluble and should not be cleansed by this method.

SMUDGING:  An age old method used by the Native Americans, is to  burn a sage stick and pass the crystals over the smoke.

SUNLIGHT/MOONLIGHT: You may choose to let the light of the sun or the moon clear your crystals by leaving them outside from 1 day to 1 week.  Some stones may fade in the sun but they will still be effective.  The days related to the summer and winter solstices, vernal equinox, autumnal equinox, full or new moon are more heavily charged.

BREATH: Another interesting approach is to blow lightly on your crystal while rotating it in your hand and visualizing a fresh breath of air cleansing away any unwanted energies.  This technique has long been used by teachers of Kabbala.  Or take a deep breath & exhale through your mouth slowly over your stone while making the “Ha” sound.

AROMATHERAPY:  Mist your stones with Rose water, Lavender water or Sandalwood water to clear them.  You can make your own or buy natural water based products.

PURE SOUNDS: Crystals clear at 128 and 512 cycles per second.  A tuning fork in this range will clear your crystals.  Simply strike the fork against a hard surface and hold the base to the surface of the crystal.  The sound waves will clear the stone.  Singing Bowls, Bells or chimes that have pure tones will also work.


When crystals need recharging, they often lose their radiance and become dull.  To recharge your crystal:  you can use the sunlight/moonlight method above; or place your crystal on a large crystal cluster; or place four quartz points around your crystal in north-south-east-west directions with the terminations pointing towards the crystal.


I read once somewhere that crystals do not need clearing ... that they will take care of this themselves and all we need to do is give them time to do so.  I felt a sense of truth in this.  I am around many crystals of all different types and I've always felt a sense of this ... once I heard it from outside myself, I gave myself permission to believe it.  I'm sharing this experience here with you, as I do the other information on crystals, for those who will find it helpful.

I found myself pondering the possibility that the clearing is more for us in a sense.  The act of clearing a crystal is intimate and creates a connection ... very much like bathing your child or sharing a secret with a friend or watching a baseball game with friends, ... and it's really that connection that we're after when working/playing with the stone beings.  The Stone beings are already there in that open state ... they've got the art of being ... stillness ... already going on.  They've been doing this for far longer than we have.  They are patient and accepting guides to showing us how to be in this state.  I say "be" in this state instead of "reach" this state - because we are also already there.  We simply need to see that.

About charging crystals ... I don't know that it is possible for any being outside of themselves has the ability to give another power.  This is true of people and I believe it is true of the Stone beings.  TRUE power comes from within and nothing outside of any being can "cause" or "affect" that power.

Does it work ... perhaps it does ... I have heard many accounts of shriveled crystals being nursed back to their former physical appearance.  Did the clearing and charging do that?  Or did the love and attention do it?  Or would the stone being have recovered anyway?  I don't know for sure one way or another ... I only know what I know.  But I believe that crystals, as ALL other beings, have the POWER to affect themselves and only themselves ...

Which brings me to healing ... do crystals have healing powers and can they help someone to heal.  I believe that we each only have power over one thing and that's ourselves, with the power of the Universe animating us.  What I believe to be the magic behind the Stones ... what people see as "healing power" is that they are so truly pure in their being that they already know/experience wholeness (healing).  They hold the vibration of this state and in doing so allow us to remember this vibration within ourselves.


We are attracted to things that sparkle.  The more they glitter and glow, the more we feel their pull. We see their fire and we remember that we once shone as bright.  We keep them close to remind us that we can once again be that light.

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