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Choosing Crystals

It is best to follow your intuition when choosing a crystal.  If you are open to it, you will be instinctively drawn to the crystal that you need at the present time in your life.  When one crystal stands out among many, it is because the deepest part of our self resonates with the energy pattern of that crystal.  It happens whether we are aware of it or not, whether we know anything about crystals or not.

How do we choose a crystal that's best for us?

My best, best, best advice on choosing crystals is to go with what you are most attracted to in the moment, regardless of size, color or type.  Which one is the one that you find most "beautiful"?  Which is the one, if you found out it had sold, would you be most disappointed in not receiving?  Which one is the one you think of when you think of choosing?  Which one is the one you're secretly hoping I'll say is the one for you?  Which one is the one when you close your eyes, you see? 

Does size make a difference in a crystal's Energy.  Does Size Matter?

Size matters, only if it matters to you.  I know this sounds vague, but from my experience, what matters most, is what draws you.  You know best what is needed in your life at any given moment.  At one moment it might be a small crystal and at other times it might be a large one.  So, there are times, I believe, that size does matter ... oh boy ... some might take that the wrong way!  : 0 )

Should someone else choose a crystal for me?

Whether we choose our crystal or we choose to ask someone else to pick one for us, we are STILL choosing.  Trust that the right crystal will find it's way to you, no matter who seems to pick it out.

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