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What are Stone Songs?
I have come to know the experience of listening to the Song of Stones as a co-creation.  Two (or more) beings connecting in complete acceptance of one another ... with love.  And through this connection a song emerges - a poem, a story, a wisdom, a truth, an idea, a realization ... and it doesn't end there.  It happens within the realm of the soul where anything is possible.   The stone songs reach us at a personal level, but they are Universal.

Whether you see this as a communication or imagination, inspiration or insanity ... you can still enjoy them.
Whether you accept them as truth or fantasy, you can still glean the wisdom from those pieces which touch or move you in some way.

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Crystals and Stones share their song
From time to time, the crystal and stone beings share their song.  I share some of those songs here with you.

Listen and you will hear their song ...

The First Song
Alaska Freedom Rocks
Arrow Crystal Song
Song of Bytownite
Song of Cave Pearl
Song of Charoite Tumble Stone
Citrine Cathedral Lightbrary Song
Danburite/Calcite Fairy Crystal Co-creation Song
Dimensional Shift Crystal
Song of Dolomite
Dream Crystal Duet
Fairy Crystals
Fire Agate
Gather Harmony Of Color
Song of Green Rock Crystals
Song of the Guardians of the Fairy Baby Story
Included Crystals
Inner Light Crystal
Iolite/Sunstone Tumble Song
Laser Wand Alignment Crystal
Song of Pink Lemurian Crystal Wand
Lemurian Crystals Song
Manifestation Crystal Song
Movement in Crystals
Song of Novaculite
Oregon Opal Red Angel Song
Song of Rhodochrosite and Bytownite
Rock Crystal
Russian Lemurian Crystals' Song
Sanctuary Stone Song
Scepters' Song Crystals in Balance
Seed Pod Shift Crystal Cluster
Butterfly Twin Slatey Shale Duet
Smoky Scepters Song of Harmonious Balance
13 Snakes Song
Song of Star Child Crystal Song - Self Healed Crystals
Song of Starry Crystals
Song of Stromatolite
Suleiman Song
Song of Tangerine Time Totem Crystals
Time Sings (Time Links)
Song of Thulite
Tibetan Song Crystal - Value
Titanium Gas Phantom Crystal Song
Song of Turquoise Phantom Crystals
Song of Gift Crystals

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