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Vibrates to the number 5 & 2 "Flashstone", Astrological sign of Capricorn

"Lightning" crystals are extremely rare - similar in rarity to a Manifestation crystal.  "Lightning" Quartz is a "Grand Formation", which can be used in surviving Earth changes and has been used to assist in recovering from shock and trauma.  It can both focus and transfer the light energy in required directions.  It is said to bring the energy of love like a bolt of lightning.

"Lightning" Quartz can support swiftness in breaking the shackles of fear and dominion.  Acting on the concept of inertia, it brings the energy of dispersion to the "still".  It is an excellent stone to assist us in modifying our path, providing an energy to cut through barriers and to clear the way for our progression.

"Lightning" Quartz is a stone of transformation and as such can be used to help those who are experiencing difficulty in the transition from the physical world to the spiritual world.

"Lightning" Quartz has been used in projecting thoughts of the self to another location - in a way that the form can be seen or felt by others at that location.  They are said to hold information from Lemuria and the knowledge of healing techniques from other planetary worlds.  This crystal has exhibited speed during the facilitation of healing and in the advancement of contact with the extra-terrestrials.

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