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Rare Formations in Crystals

Crystals tend to form in specific patterns, generally.  Sometimes a crystal will grow in a way unique to all others of its kind. 

For instance, while Quartz crystals are typically 6 sided with 6 faces that join together in a point, sometimes a Quartz crystal will have faces with an unusual geometry - like the five sided Isis face, or the Dow crystal with alternating 7 and 3 sided faces.  Ruby and Sapphire will on rare occasions will have raised triangular formations called Record Keepers.

There are many such rare formations and crystals that have such rare qualities are set apart and have been given rather mystical names, like elestials or skeletal crystals, or manifestation crystals or devic temple or pixie crystals.  Most within the metaphysical circles are in agreement with the names of these formations.  Though I imagine that they may differ in their opinions as to the metaphysical qualities of these atypical stone beings.

I invite you experience them for yourself and allow the crystals to reveal their true personalities to you.  The more open you are, the more surprised you'll be when their secrets are revealed.

Barnacle Crystal
Bridge Crystal
Carved Crystal
Cat's Eye
Cathedral Lightbrary
Channeling Crystal
Crystal Cross
Curved Crystal
Devic Temple Crystal
Dolphin Crystal
Dow Crystal
Drusy Crystal
Enhydro Crystal
ET Crystal
Etched Crystal
Generator Crystal
Golden Enydro Crystal
Grounding Crystal
Holey Stones
Isis Crystal
Key Crystal
Laser Wand
Lightbrary Crystal
Lightning Struck Crystal
Manifestation Crystal
Metamorphic Rock
Pixilated (PIxie) Crystal
Radiated Crystal
Rainbow Crystal
Record Keeper
Self Healed (Star Child) Crystal
Shovel Crystal
Spade Crystal
Star Crystal
Star Child Crystal
Tabular (Tabby) Crystal
Time Link Crystal
Trans-Channeling Crystal
Transformation Crystal
Transmitter Crystal
Twin Crystal
Window Crystal

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