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This crystal is a type of Quartz recognized by a "Phantom" crystal within the crystal.  The Phantom is comprised of a white or coloured mineral and may be partial or complete.  The Phantoms within a crystal provide an indication of the experiences, and the transformations, which the crystal has encountered during its evolution.  The Phantom crystal has experienced numerous lifetimes of learning and "being", while continuing in the same physical configuration.  The crystal represents the many phases and the many types of life which may be experienced during ones lifetime.

This crystal symbolizes universal awareness.  The energy of the Phantom works to bring together the participants of humanity to save the planet.  The structure within the crystal exhibits triangular and pyramidal formations coupled, occasionally, with likenesses of mountains and flowers.  These formations emanate the energy to save, to renew and to facilitate the spiritual health of the Earth.  The Phantom allows the Earth to recall how it was prior to the initiation of destruction, hence allowing for smoothness in Earth changes during the corrective processes.

By staring deep within the Phantom inside the crystal, and then closing your eyes and taking that image into your own inner mind, it is possible to travel along your own memories and trace the genealogy of your soul back to its source.  This type of meditation can assist in connecting with the higher realms of knowledge within the records of ones progression through past lives.  In addition, it will provide further energy in healing the emotional and physical situations which may be of consequence to the knowledge gained from this regression.

The Phantom can be used to assist in meeting one's personal spiritual guide and for asking questions and talking about personal issues with this guide.

Black Phantoms are very unusual.  They provide the energy of the quartz, coupled with the property of grounding through the perfect alignment of the physical energy centers.  When using a Black Phantom, we do not need an additional stone for grounding.

This crystals have served as excellent healing energies, providing swiftness to recovery. They have been used to provide for access to, and transfer of, information from the purity of the angelic realms. It assists in clairaudient endeavors, and allows us to speak clearly and distinctly of the messages received. These crystals contain an innate wisdom that we can access. It can help us achieve manifestation which allowing us to recognize the difference between worldly manifestation and a manifestation which would further our development. It also brings harmony to despair and provides support and insight in all endeavors.

Red Phantom Quartz crystals additionally contain the properties of Limonite, Kaolinite and Hematite.  These crystals are rare.  In addition to the properties discussed above, the Red Phantom produces vitality directed toward creativity, intellectual advancement and intuitive endeavours.   It provides for stimulation of the cellular structure of the body.  This crystal will be made available to those who are ready for its complex powers.

References: Melody, Katrina Raphaell

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