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Yeh Ming Ju


Yeh Ming Ju or Ye Meng Zhu is the legendary glowing stone. They were the emperors most prized possession for hundreds of years. If you go to china they are depicted everywhere as the dragons pearl and known by almost everyone. Aside from occasionally seeing it on TV or finding counterfeits in the market the Yeh Ming Ju experience, even in china stops there. There has only been one book written about it, in chinese, out of print, and only talks about the science of the structure (take note a new book is in the final stages of completion). However in Chinese lore the tales are abundant and passed down throughout many generations.

So what is this elusive glowing stone? How have I not heard of it before?

The Yeh Ming Ju which the emperors possessed is commonly spelled Ye Meng Zhu signifying it being found in the ground. It is found primarily in china, is extremely rare and even more expensive. With the record holder weighing in at 6.1 tons and valued at 3.1 billion dollars its no wonder why we have yet to see these. It is most common to find Ye Meng Zhu with fluorite however on occasion it can be found with a few dozen other minerals including jade, meteor, fossil and diamond. Regardless of the mineral it’s found with in order for it to be considered Ye Meng Zhu it must contain a combination of rare earth elements allowing it to send and receive light and Qi (energy).

Chances are very few of us will ever be able to see, touch or own a high quality piece of Ye Meng Zhu in our lives. They are just that rare. In 1966 during the cultural revolution few dozen that were owned by the royal families disappeared from china and cannot be found to this day. If you make it to china you can find the markets littered with many different kinds of counterfeits. The fakes are usually toxic and are often created with plastic, polymer or calcite with some sort of glowing paint. The one thing they all have in common is the lack of rare earth elements, which also happens to be the only thing all pieces of Ye Meng Zhu have in common.

There is a third type called Yeh Ming Ju

After years of trying, about ten years ago a team of brilliant scientists in an extremely high tech lab discovered how to alchemize the rare earth elements found in Ye Meng Zhu into a crystal structure derived from the diamond. Diamond Ye Meng Zhu contains a tetrahedron crystalline structure and is one of the strongest and brightest forms ever found. So naturally when they discovered the alchemical formula to create Yeh Ming Ju that is what it was modeled it after. Yeh Ming Ju is non toxic and has the same energetic properties as Yeh Ming Zhu since they contain the same active elements in the same crystalline structure. Rare earth elements are used for their energetic properties and are found in most of todays highest tech devices. It is not a coincidence that china supplies ninety seven percent of the rare earth elements and that most of the Ye Meng Zhu found has been in china.

To me it comes as no surprise that for thousands of years the Chinese emperors and taoist masters also tuned into the energetics of the fusion of rare earth elements and knew it to be a powerful glowing treasure stone.

Some may feel since Yeh Ming Ju was alchemized that it is not as valuable as Ye Meng Zhu. These are my thoughts on the value of Yeh Ming Ju as a stone created through alchemy.

The availability of Ye Meng Zhu is still the same as it has been for thousands of years. However there are some differences between now and then. In this time we are starting to come into our individual power as part of a community. Many of us are feeling empowered and are beginning to understand how much of what we experience in the world comes from our consciousness and the decisions we make. Now we have an ability to literally bring light into our lives and experience the energetics of this treasure stone. A treasure stone which until recently was so rare it was only available to a few elite people responsible for making the decisions for a nation.

Is the form in which it comes to us more important than the fact that it is coming to us and we have the opportunity to bring light into our lives?

Are you interested in Yeh Ming Ju for the intuitive or logical side of your brain?

If you’re into crystals for the energetics, the gifts which tuning into them brings and are interested in literally bringing light into your life Yeh Ming Ju is for you.

If your ego or intellectual side thinks it extremely important to only value the energy of something created in the ground. If you want to find something almost impossible to find and upon finding it are have the means to pay up to a thousand times more just to be able to say it was formed in the ground then Yeh Ming Ju might not be for you.

It is important to understand Yeh Ming Ju is alchemised by using elements found in nature. They are put together in a way which that holds the same frequency as when found in the ground. The earth energy contained in this combination with the rare earths is present in these treasure stones.

In the end it is your choice. I have personally held both Ye Meng Zhu and Yeh Ming Ju. The energy from both is extremely similar if not a little stronger in Yeh Ming Ju with the structure being based from the Diamond Tetrahedron structure. I’ve had the opportunity to bring this gift of light to many people over the last few years. Through Yeh Ming Ju I have had countless meaningful experiences personally, as well as shared by others. The history is rich, the beauty is radiant and the energy is strong.

January 30, 2013 Adrian Rasmussen

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