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Magic of Stones

The Stone Beings are magical beings.  They have been here for aeons, growing within the womb of Mother Earth.  Recorded within them are the wisdom and experience of the ages.  They know the magic and power of the energy of stillness ... the art of being.  They share who they are openly.

In their abundant presence, they have shared their gifts openly.  We wish to do the same for you ... share what we know of our experience with an open heart and with love and light.

There is a vast amount of information on the metaphysical and healing properties of crystals and more is revealed each day.  What we provide here is a small taste of  what is available.  Please remember that these are general qualities and each Stone being is Unique and your experience with each stone will be so too.

[NOTE:  The gathering of this information is a work in progress.  We will add to this page as information becomes available.]

Songs of Stones 

Metaphysical Properties of Crystals

Quartz Crystals

Rare Formations

Color in Crystals

Crystals for Chakra Centers

Crystal Shapes

Numbers in Crystals

Animals in Crystals

Fairy Friends and Angelic Presence

Dream Stones

Super Power Stones


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