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Natasha Friday May 20, 2011
My whole experience here has been beautiful. The care shown and given is beyond priceless. Best wishes and joy always...
Alaric Moondragon Tuesday February 22, 2011
Just received the shift crystal I ordered from you and she is amazing!
The energy she carries can only described as other-worldly. I may have to order another for myself.

Blessings, Moon
Harlan "Taliesin" Wednesday December 29, 2010
Love the site, i was reading about your properties for devic temple crystals for i had recently come into possession of one. Your knowledge is much appreciated, love and light.
Marilyn Cecile Phillips Tuesday December 28, 2010
Joyful wishes are sent to you and the songs you present to us. I, like you, love our 'stone beings'. Thanking you for sharing these incredible songs. Loving Hugs, Marilyn Cecile Phillips
Lori "Grace" Tuesday June 15, 2010
Thank you so much for your wonderful site and insight! Stones have been calling to me my entire life and now I know to LISTEN!
How silly am I too have fallen short of that calling for so long.
You have a beautiful soul to want to share this with the world and beautiful Stone Beings!
Much Love - Grace Pennsylvania USA
Ka'saunee Monday May 17, 2010
Totally awesome!!!!! The service you are providing for our futures is appreciated greatly!
Light to U.
Gary W Hudlemeyer Sunday January 10, 2010
I am in awe of the information I have learned from you in just acquiring one small stone of Rhodochrosite. I have found that several experiences that I have had with the stone beings now make complete sense after visiting your site and reading everything I can find there. Thank you for your sharing of the Song the Journey the Magic of the Stones.
I will be in touch.
Love and Light
Adad Saturday October 24, 2009
This is beautiful. All the time we believe that we are, as "human" beings, the only ones, the “intelligent” ones, the supreme species nothing so far from the truth. Lots of kingdoms each with its uniqueness and all of them in balance just waiting for us, human kingdom, to unite them fully as once was. More and more people like you, makes us a bit more conscious in our journey about reality and inspire us to become united, after all we all have the same nature, inner kingdom, outer kingdom, animal, stones, plants kingdom, humans, spiritual kingdom, everything in perfect balance and interdependently functioning as a whole each of these realms, teaching us the unlimited ways they do it this is the truly masterpiece of all times and this web page is part of this masterpiece, so let’s wake up and truly see, hear, feel, but using the universal way of doing it, not the way we humans use. It looks like if we are the only ones trying to achieve illusory material non natural things, are we crazy or are the other kingdoms crazy? Start with stones showing us the inner strength they have throughout the era, perfect meditative posture, always in insight and full of experiences to tell us, listen to them. Thank you for inspiring more realities and may all of your work be useful for a much more potential reality, I bet it will.
Linda Thursday August 27, 2009
Hello Smadar - Love your new website, and all your choices. It's inspirational. Blessings,
Mandy Tuesday March 17, 2009
The Woman behind this website has an amazing gift. She holds within her a beautiful Light...and the stones she brings to the world here have a special resonance, a special energy and a special Blessing to give the world. If you are lucky enough to visit with the stones on this site, or to purchase one, then you, too, are surely these very special stones...and this very special Woman who loves them and hears their inner songs so beautifully.

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