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Cynthia Saturday January 5, 2013
I love this website.
Jean Russell Monday December 3, 2012
Found this site while "meandering"... don't believe it was by accident :)
eric gilbert Wednesday November 7, 2012
Ran into this site by accident. Some of the best things in life are found by accident.
Nelda Wednesday November 7, 2012
Recieved my stones today and just wanted to tell you they are beautiful and I love them. Also wanted to say I know you truly love your stones by the way they were wrapped and the sachet you used really projected the love of the stones and your love as well. So thank you again so much. Not only were the sones a gift so were you.
In Stone Love
Dorrie Saturday November 5, 2011
This website is what I've been searching for. I was guided to it through True Blue Spirit. Thank you so much for all you have offer. Love & Light
Nathalie Saturday November 5, 2011
This has been a wonderful journey navigating in Song of Stones for me; discovering very special crystals and stones; finding a connection with yourself that is one of a kind: opened minded to share so much with...up the mountain to continue this treasure hunt to receiving these so very special crystals in the most beautiful way possible...diving deep now to uncover mystical answers to so many questions inside ones being as we receive our Songs...and then more still...Thank you so much! May I fly trough many more ventures with Song of Stones...and may you continue to make these journeys as special as they have been...All good things to you too!!!
Jody Friday August 5, 2011
OH, I finally found you! I've been searching for a long time for an online Canadian crystal shop. Such a wonderful shop! Cannot wait for my crystal to arrive!
Kathy Kimura Tuesday July 19, 2011
I received my stone order from you today, and was very pleased with the wonderful lavender wrapping. They resonate as very well cared for stones, ready to go out and 'do their job', which I am eager to discover. As I unwrapped and put them on the counter, they emitted a very bright clear energy. I left them there in a group, and each time I walked by their brightness startled me. Thanks much for the happy stones.
Maria Devinadan Tuesday July 12, 2011
i was slightly aware of the energy and power of crystals however this site has enlightened and made me curious to learn more about them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight.
Lorraine Tuesday June 7, 2011
Thank you for sharing your beautiful perspective on these wonderful living beings. I am graced to be working with them.

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