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Boann Sunday September 21, 2014
I don't have words to describe either the Sacred Change star song on 9/11 or the intensity and sweetness of my Cosmic Seed crystal - and thank you so much for the beautiful and gentle packaging. I didn't even tear into it right away, but just sat with it for a while, enjoying the care and gentleness of your work.
L from Norway Wednesday September 17, 2014
I feel a special bond with the crystals that came from you, even though all crystals are wonderful, there is something about the ones from you. It is like they hold a little of a feeling. The feeling of being in a Song of Stones bubble, like when we sat opening our first package from you. It was truly magical, and the stones remind me of that feeling all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. What you have done for me is beyond words, and it gives me great joy to know that such a person and site exists for anyone to find in there time. I came over your site one time long before ordering, but I guess I was not ready for it yet, because I just left. But the second time around, it was like coming home.
Kathy Saturday August 30, 2014
What a wonderful find. Was trying to find out about a crystal I purchased else where a while ago and yours is one of the few sites I came across. I love your site and more importantly, I love your crystals. To know that there are others out there that feel, see and hear their vibration and their "song" is so wonderful! thank you! XX
Jacki Friday June 20, 2014
Understand your gift
Mine given very young but yet before that. I was blinded as a child through a "accident" with a horse that was my whole world. Partial Physical eyesight taken from me in one eye, totally in the other, eyes filled with blood that had my world filled with black. Learning to hear, feel, taste, smell, know, move, "See". After months of healing, a beloved doctor Schwartz who let "nature" heal my eyes as nothing could truly be done for the damage, it was so great. My physical sight began to return through shifting of light and color. Before all that, I saw, heard, felt, smelled, sensed, knew things. From that came the real knowing of this gift of "seeing" and "knowing' for which people would think you crazy. You're not, just as I am not. Understand your gift.
GL Monday March 17, 2014
Hello Smadar,
I am late, but I just listened to your interview on Guardian Gateway and wanted to thank you! Wow I am so moved by your connection and your reverence for all life! I had a look at your site and I can feel the energy of your offerings like I have never felt before. What you do, you do out of love... I can feel this, I can feel the respect you have for each item you sell; and I can feel their respect and love for you! I have never witnessed this before! I will definitely be back... working through some hard times myself... luckily I have many friends and crystals to rely on for help. Thank you once again for this beautiful, loving and moving interview with Kim! Bright blessings, dear Smadar, you are a gift! Your whole interview so resonated with me!! Thank you, thank you!!!!
Vicki Ridgway Barton Thursday March 6, 2014
I love love love your site. You have so much good information on here and I learned so much about listening to the stones' songs.
Pamela Monday November 11, 2013
I love the look and feel of your website. Plus, your philosophy about stones and songs is very intriguing.
Dr.Frank Loo Tuesday September 24, 2013
I found your writing very informative and interesting.
Jasmine Sauteur Monday April 22, 2013
I received my crystals just a few days back and WOW! They are just beautiful, and "singing" so strongly! I stumbled across this site almost a year ago and fell in love... Though I have given this site to ALL my friends and fellow crystal geeks, this was my first purchase form you and I am certain I will be back! You have been SUCH a great help from start to the moment my package was in my hands! I am very grateful for all the care you put into my order and I will continue to sing the praises of the Song of Stones to all I meet (if I know them or not!). Thank you!!
Bev Gibson Tuesday April 9, 2013
Loved chatting with you on Patti Allen s' Dream Detective Show. Your approach is easy and real. Love your site. Please tell me more about the stone we talked about Chariote . Thank you

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