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Bamboo Coral Beads-bamboo coral,coral,rare,naturally coloured coral
Bamboo Coral Beads
Out of Stock
Black Star Diopside Cabachons-tumbled black diopside stones,rare black diopside,black diopside stones,diopside stones,tumbled diopside,tumbled stones,black stones,diopside
Black Star Diopside Cabachons
$6.36 - $12.21
Eilat Stone Beads-eilat stone,natural earth stone,natural stone,chrysocola,turquoise,malachite,stones,eilat stone bead
Eilat Stone Beads
Out of Stock
Rare handcrafted Ancient Lepidolite Bead-lepidolite, lepidolite bead, lepidolite beads
Rare handcrafted Ancient Lepidolite Bead
Out of Stock
Rose Quartz Pendant Bead-rose quartz pendant, rose quartz bead, rose quartz, quartz, pendant, bead
Rose Quartz Pendant Bead
Salmon Red Coral Beads-coral,rare,naturally coloured coral
Salmon Red Coral Beads
$3.33 - $7.77
Shungite Donuts-shungite,shungit,ancient stone,rare stone,carbon,fullerene,buckyball,authenticshungite stone,Shungite Pendant,Shungite Pendants,Shungite Bracelet,Shungite Bracelets
Shungite Donuts
Teardrop Turquoise Beads-turquoise beads,turquoise,beads,turquoise jewelry,jewelry
Teardrop Turquoise Beads
True Turquoise Natural Stone Beads-turquoise stone beads,turquoise stone,turquoise beads,turquoise,stone,beads,turquoise stones,stones
True Turquoise Natural Stone Beads
Out of Stock
Writing Rock Bead-writing rock,writing rock arizona,bead
Writing Rock Bead
Out of Stock

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