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Free Stones and Crystals

Here is a space for Stones and Crystals who have volunteered to be sent to those who don't have a means to pay for a crystal with currency.  The stones and crystals have guided the formation of this space and they are  the ones who volunteer for this special calling.  This space was inspired by a group of Citrine Lemurian Crystals who were the first to volunteer and who shared their song.

It is asked that you only take a crystal from this place if there is a true need, but you are encouraged not to hesitate to take one if there is.  Please take only one, and once you have, it is requested that you don't take another, so that as many as possible of those who would like to receive this gift will have the opportunity.  This space is possible because of the support of the customers of Song of Stones and we want to acknowledge all those who have supported us.

Citrine Lemurian Gift Crystals-citrine lemurian,citrine lemurian crystals,lemurian crystals,citrine crystals,crystals,gift crystals,free crystals
Citrine Lemurian Gift Crystals
Ruby Crystals - From Rags to Riches - Gift Crystals-record keeper ruby crystals, ruby crystals,ruby,crystals,rubies,base chakra,chakra
Ruby Crystals - From Rags to Riches - Gift Crystals
Starburst Jasper Gift Crystal-starburst jasper tumbled stones,starburst jasper,jasper,jasper tumbled stones,jasper stones,tumbled stones,stones
Starburst Jasper Gift Crystal

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